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Wellness Beauty Center



Monastero Hotel, Suites and Wellness also includes a wellbeing-comfort zone, where you will find a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for your body and mind in special rooms dedicated to relax: the pool, the SPA equipment in the  thermarium area and the “cold path” which include sauna, Turkish bath, vitarium, water-beds, “emotion showers”, Kneipp and the icy fall.

Here you will find your perfect way of living, abandoning yourself to personalized treatments (Anticellulite, personalized slimmingo, Antistress, De-tox, regenerating treatments...) dedicated to body care and integrated with specific activities and treatments, or simply conceding yourself a whole day dedicated to you and your wellness.
Relax benefits start from the serene and gentle atmosphere and continue with a calm walk in our green park, where nature and relax and harmoniously mixed and give you good energy and equilibrium.



In this health place you will experience a symbiotic fusion of natural and healing elements. The warmth and the steam, together with natural essences and stimulating perfuse, calm meditative music and mono-chromatic lighting help relieving your breathing apparatus and immunitary system. The particolar coloured lights create a special positive effect on your body.
Blue Light: helps with sleeping problems and calms your nervous system, anxiety and stress.
Yellow light: awakens appetite and helps re-establishing the functioning of  liver.
Red Light: has good effects on heart, lungs and muscles. As a general sensation you will feel wellness to your body and mind.


Abundant perspiration removes impurities and dead cells. The habitual use of sauna  improves skin elasticity and makes it smooth and pure.
The temperature can go beyond 90° and helps in the following ways: Body temperature increase  (skin +10°C  and heart  +1°), Tissues metabolism, Perspiration.

By: Depurating your body from slags and impurities, Regulation of bloodstream, Improvement in blood flow in all tissues, Psychological and muscular relax.

Turkish Bath

Essential oils and curative herbs that are released by the steam are absorbed by the skin and by respiratory apparatus and have a beneficial effect on your body. Thanks to the healthy combination of humidity and warmth, your body will be relaxed and muscular tension will decrease. The hot steam penetrates your tissues having bloodstream improve and starting a beneficial and healing process. It is a good way to deal with rheumatic pains, back strain, metabolic problems, colds, bronchitis and catarrh, allergies and skin impurities.

Kneipp Path

The Kneipp path is useful for bloodstream functioning, stabilization of nervous system, and help gaining your psychological equilibrium.
Special stones massage your foot-plant and re-activate all your body parts functions.

Relaxation areas

Water beds are ideal for your relax. They were introduced in different therapeutic treatments and it was noticed that they contribute a great deal in improving the quality of sleeping. A bad sleep and backache can be due to different causes: a wrong way of walking or bad posture, few sport activities, overeating. With water beds your body lays on a surface that allows you to have your body completely relaxed, your spine is stretched and bloodstream improves, all muscles are relaxed and you have a pleasant  zero-gravity-sensation. Regaining the spine equilibrium and stretching sensation is the most important element; the final sensation is a almost real physical extension. Water beds allow you a perfect and healthy sleep.

Icy Fountain

The icy fountain you find in the different cold rooms is funny and stimulating. You just have to carefully rub your body from head to foot with minced ice and immediately get a fresh energy.

Emotional Showers

A revitalizing shower helps you facing anxiety, relaxing and is always very nice, thanks to its natural aromas. The careful combination of aromas and colors will take you to a pleasant dimension, where body and soul are harmoniously mixed to give you a wonderful wellness sensation.